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xfools asked: Maybe to repair vehicles you'd need a higher repair. For example, with 25 repair you could change a tire but to fix an engine you'd need like 100




Oh boy, I dunno, then you wouldn’t really have a fully functioning vehicle until late in the game when you don’t really need one

Here’s why it will be terrible having vehicles in Fallout

GTA5 is 5 or 6 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption.


I remember Red Dead Redemption feeling a HELL of a lot bigger than GTA5, more open, more vast and empty. Not saying GTA5’s size isn’t impressive but it felt smaller due to vehicles.

Fallout 4’s world would have to be an INSANE size for vehicles to work, and with that size it would mean that vehicles would HAVE to be used to get from place to place. It would turn into RAGE, which I thought was a decent game but that’s not Fallout at all. 

The thing about all these gimmicks people want is that they SOUND cool but in practice they would fundamentally change the game.

Vehicles in Fallout 4 would make the wasteland seem small and make you more aware of the boundaries of the map (which I only ever strayed past and hit a barrier once in many hundreds of hours of Fallout 3). If they were to change the size to accommodate vehicles it wouldn’t be fun to play on foot. Think about walking across the Salt Flats and other big areas in Borderlands.

Fallout is a tried and true formula, the best thing they can do is make something very similar to Fallout 3 and NV as well as incorporating some gameplay aspects from Skyrim, improve the reliability and graphics and make us another solid Fallout game without changing too much.

I am inclined to agree